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About Center

    Special Education Center was established in 1982 under the regulation of Special Education Act. The center provides services to all levels of schools that students with special needs have enrolled.

    The services are including the diagnosis, teaching instruction, and program evaluation for students with special needs.

    In addition, the mission of the center is to build up a support network for teachers and students with special needs by integrating the resources in the areas of special education, medical, and social welfare systems.


The functions and responsibilities of special education center are followings:

1.   to provide consulting services to teachers, parents of children with special needs, and school personnel.

2.  to help teachers and students with special needs through school on-site visits.

3.  to held a variety of workshops related to the current issues in the field of special education.

4.  to publish the special education journals.

5.  to assist county education department on all issues related to students with special needs.

6.  to promote the critical regulation and policies of special education for the Ministry of Education.

7.  to provide consulting services college resource rooms in east Taiwan.